Pets Plus

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                                                      WHY CHOOSE US?

  1. Friendly Service and Staff – we go the extra mile to do thorough follow-ups and give you personalized attention.
  2. We stock the best natural brands to keep all your pets happy and healthy, including Artemis, Pioneer, Great Life, Fromm, Blue Buffalo, Orijen, Taste Of The Wild, Weruva, and Vital Essentials.
  3. Any questions about pet care and nutrition will have an answer. Our staff have many years of experience and training in the pet food industry – to recommend the most practical solutions for your pet.

We are constantly paying attention to your pet’s food ingredients as well as any company mergers or plans to change formulas. This helps us stay on top of any possible pet food ingredient or processing changes.

We have more than 20 years in super-premium pet food experience and have seen many changes in pet foods and their marketing strategies over the years.

Beware of pet food advertisements; they are not as accurate as we would hope.