Advertising During Recession

The national pandemic has impacted us all.  Some have faced serious illness, and even death.  As business owners, we have all suffered financially, some more significantly than others.  As a society, we are making significant sacrifices so that we can return to normal life as soon as possible.  In as soon as three weeks, businesses could re-open again.  Although the actual timeline is still uncertain, we will likely return to getting out, shopping, and dining within a few weeks.  The spring book is now complete – ads approved, pages laid out, and magazine sent to the printer.  I want to remind you all that this book will not be in homes until the middle of April – likely a perfect time to promote your brand, products, and services as people will be tired of the stress of being shut in, and in need of the products and services that you provide. The businesses and brands that fare the best in rough economic times are those who maintain their advertising and presence in the market.  There are 100 years of examples.  I have attached an article from Forbes for your reference that should build on your confidence advertising with Community Values this spring.  Thank you.  Kevin