New Start Training

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I have gone through a major transformation in every aspect of my life in the last few years.I was a diabetic with an A1C level over 12 and was recommended by my Endocrinologist to have gastric bypass surgery when I was tipping the scales at a robust 280 lbs. I was challenged by a 13 year old girl to do it myself, don’t be lazy and go to the gym. She then suggested I take her with me and mentor her as well..

We joined a gym the next day together and I started on a transformation path I could never have dreamed of. We were pretty dedicated and I quickly lost 20 pounds but soon plateaued and we both became frustrated (Sound familiar?) until I finally gave in and hired a trainer from my gym. Melissa was very knowledgeable  and inspiring and over the next 6 months I went on to lose 100 lbs, got my A1C level down to 5.4 and came off insulin metformin and all blood pressure and sleep apnea medications.

I made a commitment to stay healthy at the age of 46 and also to help others do the same, especially people with Diabetes. I decided to become a Personal Trainer then and there and have been on a mission ever since and this is why I started this website to reach and help as many people as possible and at  a reasonable cost. I am constantly learning new things about health, fitness and life in general and plan on bringing everything I learn to this site now and in the future.