Academy Of Traditional Karate

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The Academy of Traditional Karate is located on the Reading/Wilmington line with convenient access to routes 93 and 129 for the surrounding communities. The Academy is a family owned business and run with a warm, family-friendly environment by Kyoshi Todd Keane & Shidoshi Kristen Keane. We are honored to have many families training at the dojo with special karate classes for parents and children alike. We even offer special discounts for family members.

The Academy of Traditional Karate is one of the largest traditional karate dojos in the New England area. We’ve been serving the local communities for over 25 years and offer immaculate, state-of-the-art facilities.

The Academy of Traditional Karate teaches classical Okinawan karate with a special focus on the traditional values behind karate such as focus, confidence, self-discipline, respect, honor and goal achievement as well as the more physical benefits including self-defense, fitness and stress reduction. We offer a world-class curriculum that spans the entire range of karate students, from very young beginning students to more advanced adult black belts.